Thursday, May 17, 2012


day 134.
We love open shelving in the kitchen!
It gives the kitchen a lived in vibe and is a great
way to inject personal style into your space. 

Brooke took the doors off one of her cabinets and added built-ins to 
create the look she wanted.  Ang has open shelving via built ins 
and a large bookshelf she brought in the kitchen to create storage and 
to showcase her favorite serveware.

Here are a few looks we find inspiring. 

We love the serveware displayed as art in this last one. 

The perfect marriage in design. When something looks beautiful, but 
you are not waiting to use it. We appreciate homes and kitchens with a
good aesthetic and look lived in. No candles that have never 
been lit. We threw plastic glasses out when our kids were still fairly
young. We let them use glass, even fancy glasses sometimes.
If something breaks, it is ok. Great memories of using your best
stuff is much the better!

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